Minggu, 02 April 2017

Future Life Together Robots


1. Robots make our live better in helping us to do a house work, robots make our live wories sometimes they are very help full but they can alse make troble because they can’t think mist like us they can make human became lazy.
2. I wold like to see kind of robots which can take care of use like mother.


1. Bill gates who made his carrer in personal come puters, blives that the age of, home robots has arruved.
2. First, robots need a brain a computer.
3. We can have robot companions and pets. When we are alderily they will remind us to take our medicine and report to emergency services if there is a problem they will protect us from dangerous people who may try to force their may intro our homes.


1. Robots in the home.
2. Robots will im prove our lives in many ways.


A. All technology has done is to make our lives busier and more dependent on machines than ever.

Robots to do in the future:
- Aitline pilot, No. because for a flight by a robots inght be an error aystem they mist wait the commad the control room
- Cook, yes it will have a lote of variens and if will save our times for coiking
- Doctor, yes because robots as doctor can do more sophisticated in the exsamination to patents so the result if the exsamination will be more detailed
- Police officer, yes as know a robots dind’t have heart they will up hold justice and they are firmylm change they are not easly go tired so that it can loyer to save the society
- Singer, No. sings a talent if a robots can sing a song moy bethey will have same voices between each other
- Store clesk, yes they will be very helpful when the store is cowed they can also work quickly
- Taxi drives, now adays there is al ready a technology called smart eart where the drives is a robots from our opinion  a robots as where the drives is not efficient because they can guve us the wrong way for ur destinations so we can lost
- Teacher, No. robots just can give us a know ladge but they but they can not teach us like human do

robot infection

1. Critical Cartoons

A.  Warm up 

1. How many electronic devices have you used in the past 24 hours? List them.
    Answer: I used at least computer, phone, rice cooker and TV
2. What activities do robots do today? What other things would you like them to do?
    Answer: Now a days robots do washing clothes, making cake wuth mixer, vacum cleaner. It                          would be  great if robots could massage our body and help us to auto write
3. Are there certain things we should always do for ourselves?  What? Why?
    Answer: I think we should eating for our selves to full fill our nutrition

2. Core Vocabulary

A. Scanning and skimming

1. Aid: 
  • Help or support (someone or something) in the achievement of something.
2. Adopt: 
  • To choose or take as one’s own; makeone’s own by selection or assent
  • Choose to take up or follow
3. Effort: 
  • A vigorous or determined attempt
  • An earnest or strenuous attempt
4. Force: 
  • Strength or energy as an attribute of physical action or movement
  • Physical power or strength possessed by a living being
5. Career: 
  • The progress through history of an institution, organization
  • Working permanently in or committed to a particular profession
6. Oppose: 
  • Disagree with and attempt to prevent, especially by argument
  • To act against or provide resistance to
7. Code: 
  • word, letter, number, or other symbolused in a code system to mark,represent, or identify something
  • A system of words, letters, figures, or symbols used to represent others, or for the purposes of secrecy
8. Potential: 
  • Having or showing the capacity to develop into something in the future
9. Doubt: 
  • To distrust ; to be uncertain about;consider questionable or unlikely;hesitate to believe.
10. Serve: 
  • Perform duties or services for (another person or an organization)to act as a servant

Imagine If Life Without Machine!!

hey., how are you?
glad, I could go back to write something in my blog
my third post is about the role of machines in our lives
I hope you like..

Most objects that there in our life and helped we at our life everyday have a machine for can to operate, like motorcycle, bus, car, train, ship and air plane in transportation field. Just imagine if we life without objects this, I'm sure our life will not easy., we will not be easy to travel quickly to different places and away, if it could it definitely take a long time compared to using a machine. This is a small example of the application of machines in one area of life, we know machine there is in various life field. laptops in technology field, handphone in communication field, incubator in medical field and others, all this is a machine that very helps us at this time.

Do you know, of which the origin or history of the machine that gives you the ease of today?., you may not know, or know some. We should be grateful because by the inventors it was his, we can enjoy the convenience - the convenience provided by the machines now. Our job is to keep the machine can still make it easy for us without screwing.

okay so from me.,
see you again....

Jumat, 17 Maret 2017


Hey..., good night
This is my second post..m as the title of this post about my time on my existing skills

When someone asks me what your skill?, this question is quite difficult for me,
although not a difficult question, it still makes me confused question to answer. This is because, I did not have the skills that are so prominent to be addressed.

I love to write, debate and public speaking, although I do not often do that, because they are not one of my hobbies, but I always tried to train my second skill is to be useful. I love writing since junior high school, I wanted to write short stories and poetry even if I never publish. Writing in my opinion is one way to express knowledge, dreams, and my opinion. Currently I still love to write, write scientific papers though rarely. I could win the regional level. I wish I could change the world or around the world with my writing, although it still took a long stage.

I love debating and public speaking recently, I think the debate or public speaking is a skill that must be owned by a student. Debate and speaking in public is one of my ways of expression because writing alone is still not enough in my opinion, because it is still a few people who actually like to read. I still practice my expertise in this area so that was really nice.

OK., so perhaps the story of the expertise that I have, I think everyone has potential, talent and expertise of each. any expertise you have developed and continue to practice it to be useful for others.

see you next time....

Sabtu, 04 Maret 2017

Why I Want to continue on University?

This is Introduce of myself

I'm Sihol Agustoper Panjaitan,you can call me Sihol or Holl. I'm a student  from University Tanjungpura, Faculty Mathematics and Natural Sciences, chemistry study program. I'm live in Jl. Natuna, Kota Baru, South Pontianak. My hobby is reading, cooking and fishing. I'm like something about natural energy.

Why I`m continue to University? and Why I'm choose University Tanjungpura?. 
Honestly, I'm not want to continue in University. But, My big family press with for want continue in to university. I'm choose the University Tanjungpura, because this is the best state university in west borneo and I like this university.

Why I`m choose chemistry study program on Faculty Mathematics and Natural Sciences?

I'm like something about natural energy because this is the reason why my choose is chemistry program study on Faculty mathematics and natural science. I have a dreams, someday I'm can change the energy in the world to more natural energy through with my research, I hope this can be true someday.

Okay thinks that all my story about my life why i'm continue on university. Thank you so much for your time to read my blog and see you next time.